Friday, August 19, 2011

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney is currently on the show Rescue Me. She is playing Kelly, a woman who Tommy (Denis Leary) knew a few seasons ago who had lost her daughter, and now she's just finished her chemo for breast cancer, and had a mastectomy (all just like me).

In 2009 Maura had breast cancer for real, and she helped them write a lot of the things she says. Whether you watch the show or not I say at least watch her parts (although the whole show is really great). She's truly amazing (as she has always been when she was on News Radio & ER). She is what inspires me.

Here are 3 of the pieces I'm talking about:

Chaos and Excitment

Chaos and excitement
Arts and crafts late at night
I’m dwelling in some underworld
Scaring myself.

Alone to ward off ghosts and demons
Not sure who really wants me near
I’m afraid to go outside sometimes
The fear is almost real.

Dark thoughts, sad thoughts
Creeping in on queue
Speak to me of what I’ve lost;
Of whom I cannot be.

These are the nights
Filling guilty tomorrows
And tired, oh so very tired,
Of it all.


The feeling when it goes in,
Look away, look away,
And out,
And out comes the needle
Like a cramp searing my vein,
And the IV is in again.