Monday, July 19, 2010

Ground Me

I wonder where you are
In the world there are so many
People crammed into tiny spaces
And I keep wondering where you are.

I am here
I am floating on the air like a feather now
I think I was once a stone in the water,
Somewhere in a shallow river,
But I came out and I started floating in the air
Like a feather

I hope you can find me when you need to
I am hoping that you’ll
Catch me as I am floating;
That the breeze isn’t too strong and you miss me flying past you.

Maybe you have no hands to reach out for me
Maybe you used to fear water and never looked in the river,
And now you fear heights and I am floating too high
So maybe I should float lower
Or perhaps I should become something else
But what should I be?

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