Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chemo Update

you get to a point on chemo where you love feeling normal so much and you remember all too well how feeling shitty really feels that you dread returning to chemo no matter how much you know you have to. i am at that point. in 2 weeks i may need someone to drag me there!

but only five more to go total & only one more on these meds and i'm told it gets easier after that. i don't believe in any gods but if anyone reading this does feel free to ask them to make this easy on me. i didn't deserve breast cancer at 33 so i certainly don't deserve anything beyond that!

and i wish my lip would heal because it keeps swelling. i got antibiotics to help in case i get an infection but i also have another invasive procedure next week & i'm worried... i do need to be on stage Tues, Thurs & Sat. So everyone please collectively yell "CHEMO WEAR OFF QUICKLY!" i'm convinced yelling randomly helps in most situations.

OK, thanks for reading my little ranting update.


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