Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Shoot

Today I had a photo shoot for a newspaper article I will be featured in. The article is something about adults who have quit the 9-5 career to go back and study in the arts. I believe I’m one of three people highlighted and, yes, my article does mention my cancer. The photographer was really cool. She took tons of photos both with and without my electric blue wig. I saw some of them on the camera and they looked really good. We talked the whole time about breast cancer, what I'm going through, acting, great actors, and she said she might even do the Avon Walk. I think that’s fantastic! Maybe I’ll have a walking buddy. It's funny, I interviewed for this article a long time ago I hardly remember it all but I recall the interviewer was rather an odd man. I think the best parts of the article as he had read it back to me months ago were the quotes of what I said. But it's safe to say I'm a better writer than he is. He just gets paid for it. Funnily enough, the photographer today could have created a better interview just with the conversation we had while she took the photos.
I'll keep everyone posted on when the article comes out!

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