Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something BIG is Coming!

I was thinking about how I feel like something really great is going to happen soon. It may be love or it may be career, or it may very well be both (ah, the interconnectedness of all things!). But I honestly feel like it's going to hit me like a bleeping tornado & I have no way of stopping it. It's a good thing. I know it is. But... hmmm, why is there a "but" here? I guess there's not. I can't complain & I welcome it whatever it is. I deserve it. I mean, I deserve to be happy & have something great happen. So let it come! I welcome it with open arms: career & love & life!
I think I thought I had more to say on this thought but I guess I don't. I'm just looking forward to riding that wave when it gets here.

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