Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Thought I (a song)

I thought I’d wake up as a different person;
That somehow I would not be me.
But I came to, confused a bit, but fully aware
That despite the fact I’d been cut up
I was still myself.

I was still myself.

Here I am now,
Healing day by day,
And nothing has changed in the least.
I’m still laughing and smiling,
Crying and thinking,
I still watch movies, read books and listen to music.
Because no matter what they did to me
I am still myself.

I am still myself.

Things around don’t appear much different than before,
And, often I forget anything has changed.
My body may look different in many, many ways,
But inside me I feel the same.
My heart still beats, my lungs still breathe,
And my face still lights up when I smile.
There’s more to fear than we can see, and all it is
Is not so real once we wake up from the dream.
The things in life that catch us by surprise
End up surprising us in ways we could never conceive.
It’s funny to think that I feared I’d wake up as someone else,
I was more surprised to find that I am still myself.

I am still myself.

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