Sunday, April 25, 2010


Week 2
A week after chemo and I still felt nasty. I was hot all the time, dizzy, smells were too strong so bad smells were AWFUL, and I was tired randomly. Then Thursday night I went home, out of breathe and crashed onto my bed for a bit. About an hour later I got up and felt sort of normal again. I stayed up till 6am feeling normal. I woke up that day and still felt normal. Rehearsal was fun & I wasn't dizzy or hot or anything. I was skipping & jumping and doing ballet moves during rehearsal. My neck kind of hurt but why complain about that. My heart wasn't pounding too fast, my asthma was OK and food tasted right. So I cooked spaghetti that night & went to bed early and I got up & spent Saturday doing things I wanted to & going out with friends. I even got a massage & it was great, especially since it was cheap and through my doctor's office so the therapist understands the surgery & treatments I've had. He was a really cool guy too. It was nice talking to someone my age (no offense to my young friends).

I have no idea if this will become a pattern. I hope that the cracked out feeling from chemo only lasts a week, if not less. But any normal days are ones I will relish. Sunday I slept & watched movies. And I get another massage on Wed. I can get one a week. Plus I can take yoga or meditation classes. They even offer Quigong. I dread feeling bad again come Thursday, but at least I can hope that it will wear off and eventually, down the road, I will return to who I really am: ME.

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