Friday, September 24, 2010

Current Update


School started. Tamoxifen started. Hot flashes & night sweats changed after surgery & seemed to be getting worse in a way but shorter in duration. Then the Tamoxifen started and now I seem to be sweating all the fucking time. Can't tell what's from what. I get random nerve pains in my chest, not even near the stitches, and I'm always tired. When I'm not hot I get chilled because I'm covered in sweat, and I get woken up a lot and never feel like I've slept enough. There's this weird pressure on my skull but it's not really a headache, just pressure, tightness, and my mind is in a fog a lot. My eyes don't focus on certain things and I feel a little bit lost in space. But for some reason I seem to know what I'm doing & what I'm saying. The neuropathy is ok one day and awful the next. Yesterday it was so uncomfortable walking; I can't wear closed toe shoes without it feeling odd and the numbness goes up my leg. It's worse on the left. I get Reflexology next week to see if that will help, plus an herb specialist who might be able to help me get rid of hot flashes. And I'm attempting to switch Oncologists because mine is not considerate of my needs and my feelings. Maybe it seems weird to switch after chemo's over, but I have to be with this doctor for 5 years or more so I think it's best to change.
I'm getting hot writing this & need a break. So that's my update today... oh, and I feel odd that it's been exactly 2 years since Louis died and this is where I'm at: so much has happened in those two years it seems more like it's been 100. I miss him.

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